Original WWII photo of  an actual field modified Armored Jeep

The Armored Jeep Project is a copy of the original WWII Armored Jeep pictured above.  These vehicles were modified for use as scout and reconnaissance vehicles.  They offered more than average protection to the occupants in front line service.  Beginning with a rusted CJ-2a WILLYS Jeep,  we began work on the Armored Jeep Project. 



Here we have arrived  at the stage where a lot of work is done, but it doesn't show as much as the previous galleries.  Now is when we get into the detail welding and fabrication. 

Stripping the paint on the front clip has begun.

Windshield is cut. The top half (not in picture) will fold down for a better drivers view when not engaged in combat.

Front view

Passenger side after windshield was shortened by 1 1/4 inches.

View from passenger side, note side window is cut now.


Removed WILLYS logo's from each side of the hood.

Cut-outs were traced then cut to the exact size of the opening, inserted and welded. We replace metal with metal.

Welding the metal in place that replaced the WILLYS logo.

Welding the metal to replace the logos.

Front view of folding windscreen.

Windscreen folded down.

Windscreen down, drivers side view.

Windscreen in the up position, view from the back.

Front view, screen down.

Drivers side screen up, prior to cutting Gun Port and drivers slot.

Cut-out on left is for the .30 Machine gun to clear the windscreen.

Slot on right of windscreen is for drivers view with armor up.

Passenger side wind wing tacked in place.

Drivers side wind wing tacked in place.

View from passenger side.

At this point we are approaching the stage where we clean up all the welds and add more detail.

Note on hood where WILLYS logo was replaced with new metal

Passenger side view of wind wing

Overall passenger side view

Passenger side with window up (from drivers view)

Passenger side window down

Close up of passenger side window in up position

Closer view of passenger side wind wing

Closer view of drivers side wind wing

Front view of wind screen with wind wings installed


Now the project is beginning to show the detail we have been working to add to the vehicle.

Drivers side window (closed)

Drivers side window (open) Note the handle is installed

Opening cut for gas fill. A 6"x6" door will cover this opening.

Angle iron racks have been flattened at the point and welded onto the sides of the vehicle

Note handle installed on windshield

Added trim around the openings on the windshield

Close up of gunners opening

Close up of drivers vision slot

Passenger side view

Passenger side window handle installed

Passenger side angle iron racks

Top bows formed and installed

Another view of top bows

Floor is now installed, note the hump that was fabricated

Angle iron racks with steel rod installed

Passenger side racks with rod installed


Today is the "Day of Days".  The Jeep project is ready for the application of the primer coat.  The next step will be the application of Olive Drab paint.  This is one of the most exciting steps in any project.  Upon completion of today's work, the project will have a much more finished appearance.  All of the multitude of colors from remaining paint, rusty metal, grind shines etc. will all become one color which will highlight all of the detail that have been put into the project.

Jeep is prepped for application of primer.

Side view.

Rear corner view

Drivers side view

Note exposed front undercarriage

Application of primer to fuel tank

Will Neuman applies primer to the G.I. gas can bracket

Inside of cab after application of primer

Front undercarriage after application of primer

Windscreen and hood

Passenger side view. Wheels are re-installed on front and removed from the rear for access.

Rear under carriage after application of primer

Inside wind screen and dashboard

Passenger side interior

Drivers side interior

Inside of rear door. Note working handle assembly constructed of rebar.

Outside view of rear door

Rear door latch, outside view

Grab handle beside the door for loading assistance

Front view after completion of application of primer to the entire vehicle.



Our work is finished.  Today Mr. Matt Roberson picked up the Armored Jeep from our shop.  The pictures below are more the less self descriptive. 

From the drawing board

To the finished product

Opening for gas filler tube

Opening with door in place

1/4" steel armor nose plate installed

Loaded and ready to roll.



Note that the customer replaced the post war grille with a WWII grille.

Ssgt Matt Roberson (U.S. Army Retired)